Planned Giving allows donors to make long-range plans in how they wish to support programs that touch their hearts while providing for their estate-planning needs. There are many ways to make a planned gift, including a bequest through a will or living trust, a beneficiary designation on a life insurance policy, or a gift of retirement benefits. 

Read why one of our supporters donates through planned giving

In early 2010, I read an article in Fortune magazine which excited me and prompted me to make a personal decision that will hopefully have an impact on kids’ lives long after I am gone.  The article was about the challenge by William Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates issued to the world’s billionaires to give away 50% of their wealth to charities.   The challenge has the potential to pour $600 billion into charities, enhancing their ability to truly make the world a better place!  I could not stop thinking about all the millionaires out there and how many of them are already philanthropic.  So why not create a challenge in America for those people to donate 10% of their wealth to the charities of their choice via a pledge or bequest. I thought we could use their campaign as an example and make the millionaire challenge campaign national.  Just think of the good that this additional money would do. A challenge to the millionaires of the world would raise major awareness of larger pledges and bequests.  The Akron community could have their own challenge. 

It could change the face of philanthropy forever! 

Just think about what kind of synergy could result in our human services, health, education, arts and culture communities if people designated 5% of their estates or 10% of their life insurance or retirement account to the cause of their choice? I have made my own commitment and made a bequest as part of my will to the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Western Reserve.  I take great satisfaction in knowing that one day kids at our Boys & Girls Clubs will be helped because of my gift.  I hope more people will consider doing the same. 
-Kim Haws Falasco


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