Words of Encouragement with Kids
Sep 20, 2019

The 2019-2020 school year has begun and for many children backpacks, new school outfits and sharpened pencils are signs of excitement. But, not for every child. Our Club members are overwhelmed with circumstances that hinder their ability to learn including poverty, hunger, violence and home instability. In many cases, these barriers tear apart their self-confidence and create lower expectations. This school season the Clubs reached out to our volunteers, donors and community leaders to help encourage our members as they head back to the classroom. 

Wow! The response was overwhelming. Each member of our Steve Wise Clubhouse received a message full of encouragement, recognition and support. The smiles were heartwarming. The members now have a piece of paper they can carry during this school year that lets them know they are valued and that they can achieve anything. 

Thank you to all our supporters.