A picture of Dremonie.

Dremonie Brimage is our Mission Moment Youth, Dremonie is 14 years old and has been a Club Member since she was 6 years old. Dremonie is an 8th grader at Roswell Kent Middle School where she excels in academics, and is currently on the merit roll. Dremonie is very active in her community. She donates her time to assist at her church, plays basketball for Roswell Kent, and she is an activ Keystone member at the Eller Teen Clubhouse. She has a very theatrical and active imagination, which used to lead her to negative decisions, but with the continuous support from Boys & Girls Clubs staff, Dremonie is striving for a bigger and better future.

"I like coming to the club because I enjoy being around people who I know are going to not only encourage me, but help me be a better person." - Dremonie Brimage